Smarter Approaches to a Complex World


Fragility at a regional-, national-, provincial-, or local-level presents a significant risk to the safety, security, and development of populations around the world. In many cases, various local and international stakeholders will seek to prevent or mitigate these risks and to provide assistance that can help to address these vulnerabilities and assist with development. The Fund for Peace believes that for such responses and interventions to be effective, they must be guided by a thorough understanding of the drivers and dynamics behind conflict, vulnerabilities, and contextual risk. For this reason, Fund for Peace has developed methodologies that form the basis of data-driven technological platforms that parse massive amounts of qualitative and quantitative data to provide policy makers and practitioners with the tools that allow for informed decision making and enhanced response.


Fund for Peace believes that successful responses and interventions and durable solutions require a group effort. No single organization can make sustainable and lasting positive change alone. To that end, much of FFP's work is driven by a core commitment to partnerships and working with all actors. On-the-ground, this means working alongside an array of local actors who intimately understand local community needs and dynamics, and to build their capacity to ensure that they can continue to provide essential support to local communities long into the future. Indeed, FFP deliberately attempts to minimize its own permanent on-the-ground presence, preferring instead to work through local organizations in close partnership. At a strategic and programmatic level, this means working with a diverse group of funders and implementing partners, including governments, multilateral organizations, security forces, foundations, and corporations. Bringing sustainable safety and security to communities requires all actors to be part of the solution, and to facilitate those relationships requires an open mind and a willingness to engage everyone with an interest in positive change.

Capacity Building

Fund for Peace believes that a core part of its mission is to work itself out of a job. We believe that long-term, sustainable solutions come from actors working in their own countries and local communities. To that end, we work with governments, regional organizations, civil society organizations, and local communities to build their own capacity to respond to challenges and crises through extensive programs of training, professional development, and mentorship, aspects that form key components of much of our programmatic work. We also provide training on issues such as conflict assessment and human rights and security for practitioners to better understand contextual dynamics and respond appropriately to conflict and crisis, leveraging good practice and respecting international standards.