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The World’s Ten Most Fragile States in 2014

BY KENDALL LAWRENCE Identifying and exploring the fragility of states creates the opportunity to address how they might be able to combat pressures in the future. Learning what pressures states have been able (or unable) to reduce in the past year gives insight into the capacities that exist (or do not) within each state and […]

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North Korean WMD Trading Relationships

BY JONAS VAICIKONIS The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), or North Korea, threatens world security by hastening the spread of nuclear weapons and related technologies to state and non-state actors interested in acquiring nuclear weapons. The North uses two pathways to acquire banned nuclear equipment for itself and for others: through state-to-state contact and […]

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The Fund for Peace is thrilled to share that our Board of Directors has named Paul Turner as our President and Executive Director!
Learn more about the new leadership team:

Can Business play a role in peacebuilding?

Christine Buesser, our Director in DRC, will be joining @jennybusvaughan @eefsample & @jeasterday at [email protected] next Friday to discuss.

Register to attend: https://t.co/39d0o7xTEq