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Human Rights and Business Roundtable presents: “Business in Conflict & Post Conflict Zones: The Case of Ukraine”

On June 22, 2022, the Fund for Peace, in partnership with BSR, hosted a Roundtable discussion on the challenges and opportunities of conducting business in countries and regions experiencing or recently having experienced conflict. With a focus on current events, this discussion revolved around the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine.   Download this summary of […]

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African Governments need a shift in their counter-terrorism strategies

BY NKASI WODU On the 21st of March, Mali witnessed two devastating terrorist attacks, resulting in the death of over 16 members of the Malian Armed forces. This was just the latest in a string of attacks this month. In early March, it was reported that 27 soldiers were killed in an attack against an […]

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Fund for Peace Names New Leadership Team

The Board of Directors of the Fund for Peace is pleased to announce a new leadership team. Paul Turner has assumed the position of President and Executive Director as of January 10, 2022 and is joined by newly appointed Vice Presidents Patricia Taft Nasri and Nate Haken to lead the organization. As President and Executive […]

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Ranking 30th on the 2022 #FragileStatesIndex Pakistan has long struggled across fragility indicators. @AparnaPande identifies Pakistan's recent and long-term challenges, including political, economic, and environmental volatility

The fragile state of Pakistan

Fragile Pakistan’s economic, political and security challenges are dire as the fifth-most populous state enters an election year.

Misinformation and hate speech were used extensively by the Nazis to vilify Jews and justify the Holocaust. They are still being used to divide communities and incite violence today. #HolocaustRemembranceDay CC @UNHOP

Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland.

Home, belonging, and the Holocaust

This year, the theme of the UN Holocaust Remembrance Day, marked on Friday, is “home and belonging”, two concepts that were systematically...