In the #Sahel pastoral herders are essential links for socio-economic development and stability. Yet climate change, population growth and insecurity are threatening their livelihoods. Increasing their resilience is crucial. The #PRAPS is taking action:

Climate change is affecting every country on every continent 🗺️
If left unchecked, extreme weather events will intensify 🌪️
threatening food security & global stability 🍜

We need to take #ClimateAction NOW.
Hear #HLPF address #SDG13 today 👉 #SDGs

[email protected] stands resolutely with the people of #Sudan, including those mobilizing to protect the freedoms they won through their revolution. We strongly condemn the military takeover. This young woman—not tanks & coercion—captures the spirit of the people:

Josephine Ekiru, the 2021 #WomenBuildingPeace Award recipient, leads a struggle for peace among peoples facing an increasingly hostile climate.

Over the years, the # of women in 🔑leadership roles has ⬆️but we’re still far from reaching gender parity. 👩must not just be consulted but heard, not just invited but included & not just engaged but their rights & justice ensured. #WomenPeaceSecurity

Call to action for Women, Peace and Security in Peacekeeping

At a virtual roundtable discussion on Women, Peace and Security in Peacekeeping contexts on 8 October 2020, Secretary-General António Guterres made...

Programs Director Emily Sample (@eefsample) writes about the importance of integrating gendered analysis in the climate security agenda in order to achieve efficient international security policies.
Read here on p.47!

Climate Security Fellows Report 2021

By Esther Sperling These are unprecedented times. The world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, while democracies and economies around the glob...

"Women Build Peace in Colombia’s Turbulent Pacific region amid slow progress of a national peace accord" @USIP. The #fragilestatesindex encourages political power sharing where women form an integral part in decision-making spheres.

Women Build Peace in Colombia‘s Turbulent Pacific Region

Colombia‘s most violent region is its Pacific coast, where smaller rebel forces and criminal groups kill or abduct those who challenge their con...

The World Bank described the crisis in Lebanon as one the “most severe crises since the mid-19th century." Last year the country ranked 34th in the Fragile State Index. How will ongoing events affect their score? #fragilestatesindex

Lebanon's crisis has gone from bad to worse. But is anyone listening?

With fuel shortages and economic ruin causing havoc in the country, Lebanon is in dire need of help. But its supporters may have run out of patience.

On #DRRDay we look at the importance of disaster risk reduction in building sustainable peace — by reducing vulnerability and preventing conflict at the local level.⬇️

Support communities in building their capacities on peacebuilding mechanisms is a key component of our work.

Recently, our Program Coordinator, @PaBakary, was in Sanyang to train youth on ways to address causes of violent conflict and promote peaceful co-existence.


On Sept. 28th, the RECLAIMS team facilitated a National Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on the reform of the ASGM sector in Ghana. Discussions centred around regularizing ASGM licensing to safeguard the health of communities and the environment. #FFP #RECLAIMS

Government urged to use licensing in disincentivizing illegal mining

Stakeholders in the small-scale mining industry have proposed reforms in the existing licensing regime to help reduce the incentive for people to mine...

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