#FSI2020 is well underway — the FFP team is reviewing the final #fragilestatesindex scores for the 16th edition at our Washington HQ.

For the first time, the #FragileStatesIndex Team has put together an “early warning” list of countries that we believe will be the ‘big movers’ for #FSI2020. https://t.co/yf6Q2Ydb0t

“Listen to understand instead of listening to be understood,” @jjmessner. Brilliant panel on meaningful stakeholder engagement led by @AngelaUMiller about importance of building trust, communicating proactively and focusing on quality over quantity. #SW2019

Meeting with community leaders and small scale miners from Sefwi Nkatieso, Western North Region, Ghana to talk about promoting peace, sustainability and reducing use of #mercury in #ASGM

Talking #mercury reduction in the small scale gold sector in Tarkwa for our #RECLAIMS #ASGM #Ghana 🇬🇭 program supported by @StateDept with @UMaT_edu_GH @WANEP_Ghana

“Peace-o, Yes-o!” Training on conflict early warning and response with members from across the Niger Delta @P4P_NigerDelta @PINDFoundation

Anticipating the challenges of climate and disaster shocks can help preserve gains made in developing countries and prevent domino effect collapse. Join us Wed 6/5 to learn more @dana_julie @FrigentiLaura and colleagues from @fundforpeace and @UNDP RSVP:

Climate, Disasters, and Other Shocks: Are Countries Ready?

The event will be webcast live from this page. Climate, disasters, and other shocks put hard-won progress at risk of crumbling. Anticipating these cha...


Economic Fragile States Index by Country: How Stable is Your Country? https://t.co/s9s3mq9NZL @howmuch_net @fundforpeace #corpgov #CEO #CFO #GRC #ESG #Board #BoardofDirectors #directorship #governance #AuditCommittee #internalaudit #Compliance #ethics #audit #FCPA #leadership

Fund for Peace is seeking a new Programs Associate to join our Washington, D.C.-based team. Apply by June 7. https://t.co/nnlhBEhHIK

Congratulations to FFP's Marcel Maglo, who accepted his International Alumni Award for Exceptional Humanitarian and Service Achievement from @kennesawstate

#Yemen tops the #FragileStatesIndex by @fundforpeace. Today, more than 10 million people nationwide experience extreme #hunger, with some 238,000 Yemenis suffering from what the IPC calls “catastrophic hunger”, meaning that they are starving to death.

The Fragile 15 | Behind the rankings, lives upended

What life looks like on the ground in 15 fragile states.


FFP’s Hannah Blyth discussed #VPSHR implementation and security due diligence at the #OECDMinerals Responsible Mineral Suppy Chains Forum with @fredericchenais @HumanSecurityCH @dcaf_ppps @foreignoffice @Total @OECD_BizFin

FFP extends our deepest condolences to the family and colleagues of Matthew Oguche and our @mercycorps partners on the loss of their staff member Faye Mooney in Kaduna State. Their contributions to peace in Nigeria will be remembered by all who had the honor of working with them.

The Guardian Nigeria on Twitter

“The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Edward Kallon, extends his heartfelt condolences to the families, colleagues and friend...


“Despite the relentlessness violence of the al-Shabaab terrorist group, coupled with devastating cycles of deadly drought, and mass displacement, the resilience of the Somali people is remarkable, and rightly a point of pride.” Read more from @natehaken: https://t.co/h4qtidDdMK

For #Algeria #Morocco and #Tunisia, "many of the economic, social and political indicators that began deteriorating on the #FragileStatesIndex in the years preceding the Arab Spring are worsening again.” More from @pattitaft: https://t.co/QXowlj3FJ9

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