Some scholars claim that conditions for civil violence in the U.S. are the worst since the 19th century. FFP Program Manager Charles Fiertz weighs in with some context @ABCaustralia.

This model forecast the US's current unrest a decade ago. It now says 'civil war'

"Is the US headed for another civil war? In a word, yes."

With mass protests against racial injustice, soaring unemployment, impeachment, concerns of voter disenfranchisement, and 130,000 people dead from COVID-19, can the US be called a failed state? FFP's Charles Fiertz says, “No,” in an interview with @VICE.

Is the U.S. a Failed State?

Indicators are bad, but decline isn’t predetermined.

FFP and @dcaf_business are pleased to present our research study and guidance toolkit on #VPSHR in-country implementation, with plenty of insights for business and human rights initiatives more broadly.

In 2005, #CotedIvoire ranked top of the #FragileStatesIndex. After recovering from two civil wars and implementing structural reforms, it is now one of the fastest growing economies in the world ... but work still needs to be done. #FSI2020

#Libya is the most worsened country on the #FragileStatesIndex over the past decade, and its decline continued on #FSI2020.

#Uzbekistan is the most improved country over the last 5 years of the #FragileStatesIndex. Human rights advances, economic restructuring, and gradual democratization have driven the Central Asian nation’s progress. #FSI2020

After the deposing of Omar al-Bashir, #Sudan ranked as one of the most improved countries on #FSI2020, boosted by Sudanese women pushing for equality and structural reform in the country. #FragileStatesIndex

Rising nationalism, a weakened economy, and government crackdowns indicate an increasingly unstable social and political dynamic in #India, one of the most worsened countries in #FSI2020. #FragileStatesIndex

#Lebanon, scene of recent widespread protests and social unrest, saw the most significant worsening of economic indicators in #FSI2020. #FragileStatesIndex

#BurkinaFaso witnessed one of its most violent years yet, with terrorism and poverty driving its rating as 4th most worsened country in #FSI2020. #FragileStatesIndex

How did #Brexit affect the U.K. in the #FragileStatesIndex? Political and social divisions saw the U.K. rank among the 10 most worsened countries on #FSI2020 for a second year in a row.

ICYMI: The #FSI2020 virtual launch event is now available to watch again.

After years of notable improvement on the #FragileStatesIndex, a new wave of criminality and violence has imperiled the peace process in #Colombia and has seen a significant worsening in #FSI2020.

FFP's @natehaken discusses underlying trends in the #FragileStatesIndex that demonstrate how democracies the world over are under pressure.

Looking for some relief from #COVID19 coverage? We explain why the pandemic is not covered in #FSI2020, as well as providing an overview of our global #FragileStatesIndex findings.

#Mozambique experienced two of the worst cyclones in modern history, insurgent attacks, and a tumultuous election. Its place as the 2nd most worsened country on the #FSI2020 highlights its vulnerability to event-driven risks.

#Chile is the most worsened country on the 2020 #FragileStatesIndex. Protests over inequality highlighted deeper fissures and undermined the country’s stability. #FSI2020

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