📢 We are excited to welcome @NicHaileyAlert as our new Executive Director this #PeaceDay! He has over two decades of diplomatic experience working in international relations, peace and security and international experience in Afghanistan, Kenya and the US https://t.co/tvbrbctQgu

Capacity building is fundamental to sustainable security + resilience. Our trainings on early warning and response, state fragility, and human rights are available to academic, government, NGO, security and private sector actors to encourage collective solutions. #PeaceDay

Responsible business practices are pivotal to peacebuilding. FFP provides analysis, advice, and training to companies so that industry and local communities mutually benefit from new and growing development. #PeaceDay

Peaceful and prosperous societies are possible when we prioritize human security and economic development. Uniting policymakers, practitioners and local communities to collectively diagnose, address, and develop solutions is key. #PeaceDay

Our team joined Abuja Network of Peacebuilding organizations on a peace walk to raise awareness on sustaining the idea of Peace to mark international peace day and call for global ceasefire and end to violent conflict @UK_AfricanUnion @UNLOPS @UNPeacekeeping @UNPeacebuilding @UN

Conflict early warning + response are vital. @ecowas_cedeao conducted groundbreaking Risk + Vulnerability assessments with partners like @USAID, local stakeholders and the USAID REWARD program to identify local trends requiring attention. #PeaceDay

On International Day of Peace at the @UN General Assembly, @POTUS states "it is a fundamental truth of the 21st century within each of our countries...that our own success is bound up in others succeeding as well."

Today, the intntl community must work toward shared peace.

Peace is a collaborative effort. We appreciate our diverse partnerships with @USAID, @ecowas_cedeao, @isdb_group, @AfPeacebuilding and @usip. #PeaceDay

Each and every one of us can contribute to a better future for all.

On Tuesday's #PeaceDay & every day, join us in spreading compassion, kindness & hope for a more equitable and peaceful world. https://t.co/OnNmU2B6Ux.

On the International Day of Peace join us @FundforPeace in spreading justice, equality, and non-violence. A peaceful society is one that respects human rights, builds resilience and prevents violent conflicts. We all play a role in ushering peace. #PeaceDay

The political tension between the President and Prime Minister further threatens the country's fragile electoral process. Openness and fairness of political processes are vital #fragilestatesindex.

Somalia crisis deepens as president withdraws PM’s powers

Somalia crisis deepens as president withdraws PM’s powers

PM Roble says he rejects President Mohamed’s ‘unlawful’ move to suspend his executive powers.


Civil and political rights must be observed for the former President and detainees. Under the #fragilestatesindex the human rights infrastructure promotes due process, justice and fair trials.

Guinea's Col. Mamady Doumbouya, center, is heavily guarded by soldiers after a meeting with ECOWAS delegation in Conakry, Guinea on September 10, 2021.

Guinea: Leaders Should Respect Fundamental Rights


Half a million people could flee Afghanistan by the end of the year. While most Afghans will remain in the region, thousands seek to join the diaspora of refugees resettled globally. What does that mean for host countries? #fragilestatesindex

Where Will Afghan Refugees Go?

Experts expect that most new Afghan refugees will flee to neighboring Iran and Pakistan, where hundreds of thousands of Afghans already reside.


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