“Despite the relentlessness violence of the al-Shabaab terrorist group, coupled with devastating cycles of deadly drought, and mass displacement, the resilience of the Somali people is remarkable, and rightly a point of pride.” Read more from @natehaken: https://t.co/h4qtidDdMK

For #Algeria #Morocco and #Tunisia, "many of the economic, social and political indicators that began deteriorating on the #FragileStatesIndex in the years preceding the Arab Spring are worsening again.” More from @pattitaft: https://t.co/QXowlj3FJ9

This year #Mauritius became the first African nation to rank in the Very Stable category of the #FragileStatesIndex, reflecting its "political stability, economic development, and social cohesion between its myriad cultures." Read more from @jjmessner: https://t.co/OE19sW0hGA

Cautious optimism in the Caucasus: "Over the long-term, former Soviet states continue to dominate the list of most-improved countries, with Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan all ranking among the Top 20.” https://t.co/4G6oFq43nX

Continued uncertainty over #Brexit has placed the United Kingdom among the top five most worsened countries in the 2019 #FragileStatesIndex. Read more here: https://t.co/dBhC7O1qbN

After having ranked as the most worsened country in the 2017 FSI, #Ethiopia is the most improved country in the 2019 #FragileStatesIndex due to an "ambitious reform agenda that has led to more political and social inclusiveness." https://t.co/FzqE6VgVXk

#Venezuela tied with #Brazil as the most worsened country on the 2019 #FragileStatesIndex. “Though it is easy to point to the country’s current political turmoil and economic disaster, there is a deeper and more insidious worsening at play.” https://t.co/KXe02iTnSK

Interested in instability or violence #earlywarning and monitoring? I asked 12 student teams to assess the best public models. Winners:

Conflict: Global Peace Index #visionofhumanity
Atrocities: Early Warning Project @HolocaustMuseum
Fragility: Fragile State Index @fundforpeace

Though #Sudan slightly improved overall in the 2019 #FragileStatesIndex, it had nevertheless seen worsening trends on a number of indicators including State Legitimacy and Human Rights ... plus, it's Group Grievance score had already maxed out at 10.0.

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