Fund for Peace develops training programs and materials and delivers classroom instruction for a variety of different audiences on issues ranging from human rights to conflict assessment.

Conflict Assessment Training

Fund for Peace has trained government agencies, military forces, international organizations, NGOs, and local communities on understanding and measuring conflict issues and dynamics in the environment around them. For some actors, such as military forces, we provide training on how to use analytical frameworks and data to provide for more effective responses to conflict situations and humanitarian disasters.

Security and Human Rights Training

Fund for Peace has developed human rights training programs for large corporations, focusing on the origins of human rights, how human rights applies to company operations, how human rights issues fit within company policies and reporting frameworks, and compliance with international standards such as the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, with a program including classroom materials and exams.
Fund for Peace has worked with military forces to develop human rights training curricula that integrate into the battalion’s existing basic training. The curriculum focus will be human rights, but will equally focus on issue of responsible conduct, honor, and respect — and how to operate respectfully in the community in a manner that de-escalates conflict. The curriculum is backed up by materials such as comic books or animated videos that bring to life common experiences and illustrate the right (and wrong) ways of handling potentially risky encounters.
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