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Commercial projects can bring enormous benefits to countries and communities by spurring economic development and opportunity. However, they can also bring enormous risks to the rights, safety, and security of local populations. In particular, these risks can stem from the deployment of private security guards and public security forces such as police, gendarmerie, and military. These risks rise exponentially where the deployment is not appropriate to the level of risk, or where the security forces are not properly vetted, trained, managed, or overseen.
The Fund for Peace works closely with companies, investors, governments, and security forces to help ensure that security is provided as responsibly as possible and that human rights risks are minimized. Specifically, Fund for Peace assists with Security Risk Assessments, Security Management Plans, and Human Rights Training Programs (for companies, private security, and military) to ensure compliance with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights and the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standard 4. The Fund for Peace and Monkey Forest Consulting recently co-wrote the IFC’s good practice handbook on implementation of Performance Standard 4.
If you are a company or an investor and wish to find out more on how we can help you with the implementation of the Voluntary Principles and IFC PS4, or how we can assist you with Security Risk Assessments, Security Management Plans, or Human Rights Training Programs, please contact us using the online form below.

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