Following the end of the Cold War, the Fund for Peace (FFP) began to pay closer attention to fragile and conflict-affected states. We appreciated that, while responding to the problems associated with these situations would be important, so too would be an analytical framework to help inform the operational and strategic decisions made by practitioners and policy-makers in a position to respond. To that end, FFP developed the patented Conflict Assessment System Tool (CAST), an analytical and assessment framework geared toward practitioners in the field being able to quantify the events, dynamics, and drivers around them to better understand them, and to chart trends over time. The CAST tool proved to be successful and has been adopted by a wide range of actors working on peace and security in fragile and conflict-affected environments.

Subsequently, using the CAST framework and methodology as a basis, FFP combined those social science techniques with informational technology to produce the a patented software product that permitted automation of the CAST methodology using a triangulated process, providing a conceptual framework and a data gathering technique for measuring conflict risk. In 2005, FFP used the experience gained and lessons learned from developing and applying the CAST tool to produce The Fragile States Index (FSI). The FSI combines existing quantitative datasets, qualitative research, and content analysis of tens of millions of articles and reports from print and online media sources around the world to assess the risks and vulnerabilities faced by 178 countries across 12 indicators. FFP has continued to publish the FSI annually, providing one of the most highly-respected, widely-used and long-running measures of state fragility, allowing for both cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis.

FFP also provides conflict risk assessment advisory services for a variety of clients, including governments, multilateral institutions, and companies, providing tailored assessments at the regional-, national-, or provincial-level. Further, FFP provides training programs for policymakers and field practitioners who wish to apply the CAST conflict assessment framework to assess conflict drivers and risk. Additionally, FFP has assisted some clients in developing specialized, made-for-purpose conflict and risk assessment tools, frameworks, and platforms. Most importantly, we focus on building capacity among local actors so they can develop and implement informed and locally relevant solutions, including contextually-specific risk and vulnerability assessments to inform their analysis on an ongoing basis. We believe this strengthening of local capacity is key to truly sustainable human security.
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