Practitioners from various organizations and agencies have developed a wealth of experience and expertise on promoting peace and security in hotly contested elections held in fragile environments through more effective youth programming and peace messaging. However, regardless of capacity, no single organization can meaningfully impact a problem as complex as election violence. Rather, it is the network of peace and security actors in coordination that makes the difference. But too often, organizations design and implement discrete projects and activities without consideration of the wider peace and security ecosystem.

Fund for Peace is conducting applied research to fill this gap. Our work on preventing electoral violence features stakeholder network analysis, crisis mapping, and regression analysis, as well as a series of key informant interviews to better understand what risk factors the networks of actors are focused on for the promotion of peaceful elections and how those networks function in practice. This analysis maps out stakeholder roles and responsibilities, webs of collaboration, vertical and horizontal lines of communication, synergies between early warning, assessment, multi-level sensitization and advocacy. Then, based on the findings, FFP facilitates stakeholder forums to optimize those networks for the prevention of violence in specific national-level and provincial-/state-level elections.

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