For anyone working or wishing to invest in a fragile or conflict affected state, it is imperative that they properly understand the level of contextual risk, and the underlying causes and drivers of those risks. Only with a full understanding of contextual risk can measures be put in place to ensure that those risks are properly mitigated or minimized. But more importantly, it is only with a full understanding of the underlying causes and drivers of those risks that actors can ensure that they avoid contributing to conflict and instability.
Fund for Peace provides country risk and vulnerability assessments for governments, international organizations, investors, companies, and civil society organizations. Using our CAST methodology and our data analysis platforms, we provide in-depth contextual and trend assessments for regions, countries, provinces, and communities to allow more depth understanding of the levels of risk and vulnerability.
Furthermore, Fund for Peace develops contextual risk analysis platforms for various clients to allow them to analyze contextual risk based on their own metrics to better meet their needs.
If you need assistance with a country risk and vulnerability assessment or if you need assistance in developing your own contextual risk assessment platform, please contact us to see how we can help.

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