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The Sad Song of Venezuela

BY CHARLES FIERTZ When the famed Chilean author, Isabel Allende, had to leave her native country in the wake of the military coup against leftist president Salvador Allende in 1973, she and her family fled to the safety and stability of Venezuela, then a beacon among the tumult of Latin America. In a recent interview, […]

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Scraping the Barrel: Oil-Dependent Venezuela in Free-Fall

BY HANNAH BLYTH When the 14-year rule of the populist President Hugo Chávez came to an end upon his death in 2013, Venezuela was already well down the path to instability. Chávez’s death made way for his handpicked successor Nicolás Maduro who, in stark contrast to Chávez’s cult of personality, many Venezuelans have come to […]

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We're looking forward to learning + sharing! We'll discuss insights from Protecting Our Communities Initiative in Nigeria, a joint project w/ @Neem_foundation. We equip communities w/ peacebuilding skills in areas impacted by climate change. #ClimateResilience #RisetoBuildPeace

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[email protected]'s plenary panel on 1/26 will feature leading peacebuilding voices to explore the compound risks of climate change and conflict/frag...