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Exit from Brexit: U.K. Continues Rapid Fall

BY J.J. MESSNER DE LATOUR AND FIONA GRATHWOHL Brexit. In many ways, it would be easy to sum up the fortunes of the United Kingdom over the last five years with this one widely known portmanteau that has not only been the catchphrase for Britain’s exit from the European Union, but has also become a […]

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Cracks in the Foundation: United States and United Kingdom

BY NATE HAKEN Society is more resilient to shocks when social, economic, political and security pressures are manageable. However, an improving economy does not guarantee social and political cohesion. The United States is a case in point. In 2016, unemployment (at 4.9%) was at a 9-year low; GDP per capita (at US$57,500) was at an […]

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Underlying Concerns Create a Worrying Outlook for Britain Beyond Brexit

BY J.J. MESSNER As the dust settles on the historic Brexit vote and its effects, it is easy to focus on the near term, visible side effects. Even in the unlikely event that Britain manages to negotiate an association deal that is as good as being in the European Union, it will now no longer […]

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📽️The full-length film on the Country Risk and Vulnerability Assessments — along with a resource toolkit for researchers and practitioners — is available online here: https://t.co/dujHeVL9nQ

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These Country Risk and Vulnerability Assessments in #WestAfrica measure communities’ resilience to conflict, humanitarian emergencies and other shocks. These #CRVAs are part of the REWARD project through close collaboration between @USAID & @ecowas_cedeao.

View the teaser below:

"We now have a better way of looking at issues... that are affecting human security in the West African region... much deeper... We are able to respond better." - Dr. Gueye, Director, ECOWAS Early Warning Directorate

See the full video: https://t.co/WhXunbycdW