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In the Wake of Al-Bashir, Women of Sudan Bring a Glimmer of Hope

BY PATRICIA TAFT AND WENDY WILSON In April 2019, a photograph of a woman dressed in white, standing atop a car and rallying a large group of protestors went viral. The woman, a student named Alaa Salah, had had enough. And by the size and passion of those chanting with her, so had many others. […]

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The World’s Ten Most Fragile States in 2014

BY KENDALL LAWRENCE Identifying and exploring the fragility of states creates the opportunity to address how they might be able to combat pressures in the future. Learning what pressures states have been able (or unable) to reduce in the past year gives insight into the capacities that exist (or do not) within each state and […]

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We're looking forward to learning + sharing! We'll discuss insights from Protecting Our Communities Initiative in Nigeria, a joint project w/ @Neem_foundation. We equip communities w/ peacebuilding skills in areas impacted by climate change. #ClimateResilience #RisetoBuildPeace

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[email protected]'s plenary panel on 1/26 will feature leading peacebuilding voices to explore the compound risks of climate change and conflict/frag...