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Regional Instability Drives Worsening in Burkina Faso

BY MARCEL MAGLO AND FIONA GRATHWOHL Burkina Faso, formerly considered one of West Africa’s most stable countries, now rates as the fourth most worsened country in the 2020 Fragile States Index (FSI). The country has seen mounting threats to its peace and security over the past five years, despite government efforts to manage the pressures. […]

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Stability in the Sahel Region Will Require More Than Just Counter-Terrorism

BY CHRISTINA MURPHY The deaths of four U.S. soldiers in a remote region of Niger in October 2017 suddenly brought the Sahel region of West Africa to the attention of the American public and lawmakers, many of whom were previously unaware of there being any American military engagement in the region. The soldiers and their […]

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📽️The full-length film on the Country Risk and Vulnerability Assessments — along with a resource toolkit for researchers and practitioners — is available online here: https://t.co/dujHeVL9nQ

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These Country Risk and Vulnerability Assessments in #WestAfrica measure communities’ resilience to conflict, humanitarian emergencies and other shocks. These #CRVAs are part of the REWARD project through close collaboration between @USAID & @ecowas_cedeao.

View the teaser below:

"We now have a better way of looking at issues... that are affecting human security in the West African region... much deeper... We are able to respond better." - Dr. Gueye, Director, ECOWAS Early Warning Directorate

See the full video: https://t.co/WhXunbycdW