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Brazil’s Slide Continues and Takes a Lurch to the Right

BY CHARLES FIERTZ As Brazil continues its 5-year slide of worsening on the Fragile States Index (FSI), this year marks the country’s sharpest year-on-year decline yet, seeing it tie for most-worsened country. Dashing tentative hopes for reversal and recovery that had emerged at the end of 2017, 2018 saw the collapse of the first shoots […]

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Taken to the Cleaners: As Brazil Faces Significant Challenges, Hope May be in Sight

BY CHARLES FIERTZ Brazil continued the four-year slide that began in 2014, the year that saw the beginning of Operação Lava Jato (“Operation Car Wash”) as well as the global crash of commodity prices that had driven the Brazilian boom in growth that had helped lift tens of millions out of poverty. In contrast, the […]

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Falling Behind the Pack: Brazil Endures A Difficult Year of Self-Inflicted Troubles

BY GEORGE LEHNER Brazil showed a significant decline in the 2017 FSI, becoming the fourth most worsened country since 2016, largely as a result of a devastating recession, continued fallout from widespread political corruption probes, and the impeachment of its President. Overall, Brazil worsened by 2.9 points on its total score compared to the prior […]

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“When we’re talking about food production—soy, corn, even beef—a lot of it is destined for exports. It’s not necessarily going to feed Brazilians,” says @anyaprusa. Listen to this episode of #Americas360 to hear from experts on food security throughout the Western Hemisphere.

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Women continue to be killed just because they are women.

This #16Days of Activism, let's stand against impunity and continue to speak up for justice until women can live without fear of violence.