Research Assistant

Mallory Matheson is a summer Research Assistant at FFP. Matheson currently serves as a research lead and policy advisor for a Utah House of Representatives campaign. Before joining FFP, Matheson interned with the Women and Foreign Policy program at The Council on Foreign Relations, focusing on feminist foreign policy, the global #MeToo movement, human trafficking in refugees, and women’s political participation worldwide. While at Girls Lobby, a non-profit organization she co-founded to teach Utah high school-aged girls how to lobby the state legislature, Matheson co-created a 10-week curriculum on lobbying and conducted the first annual impact assessment of the program. She previously served as a founding research assistant for a faculty-mentored project on women’s experiences with truth commissions worldwide, conducting qualitative data analysis on final reports from over 30 truth commissions, co-authoring a recommendation report for Colombia’s 2018-2021 truth commission on best practices in the design, operations, and reporting stages, and co-authoring a similar article for the forthcoming Palgrave Encyclopedia of Global Security Studies. She has studied abroad at the University of Oxford and interned with an agricultural research organization in Hyderabad, India. Her main research interests include women, peace, and security, transitional justice, fragile states, civil society’s role in peacebuilding, and rule of law.




Portland, Oregon


B.A. (Political Science)

Brigham Young University