Research Assistant

Juliette graduated from the United Nations University with a Master of Science in Public Policy and Human Development which has equipped her with strong data and research skills. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Politics, Philosophy and History from a London university which provides her with an in-depth knowledge of the concepts of freedom and justice. Having previously volunteered as a Refugee Caseworker at the British Red Cross, Juliette has witnessed the terrible toll violence conflict has on individuals, including children. This experience made her realize the importance of taking action to prevent violent events from occurring, and of her willingness to contribute to the field of conflict prevention. One of Juliette’s primary areas of interest is the use of data in Early Warning and Early Response mechanisms which motivated her to join The Fund For Peace.



London, United Kingdom


M.Sc., Public Policy

United Nations University/Maastricht University

B.A, Politics

Birkbeck University London