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Hannah Blyth is a Programs Manager at the Fund For Peace. She works across the practice areas of state fragility and resilience, conflict early warning and peace building, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. She also leads many of the our Sustainable Development and Security programs, implementing security and human rights projects such as community engagement, training and site-level assessments in partnership with natural resource companies, governments, and multilateral institutions around the world. Hannah has helped to set up a National Working Group on the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) in Ghana, which brings together security institutions, government, oil/gas and mining companies and civil society to reduce conflict risk in the sector. She also represents FFP at the international level of the VPSHR and Steering Committee, and coordinates our quarterly Business and Human Rights Roundtable.

Prior to joining the FFP, Hannah managed multimillion dollar capital projects for the Parliament of New South Wales in Australia, and helped design and implement their emergency and security management policy framework. She has also worked in business consulting and communications. Hannah holds a BA Communications (Social Inquiry) from the University of Technology Sydney, and a Masters of International Relations (U.S. Studies) from the University of Sydney.



Sydney, Australia


M.A. (International Relations)

University of Sydney

B.Arts (Communications)

University of Technology Sydney