Research Assistant

Caroline Crystal is a Research Assistant at the Fund for Peace. Caroline is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Global Affairs at Yale University and focuses on international governance and equity. She is President of Yale’s only undergraduate-run public policy think tank, where she has developed advocacy tools to address gun violence and mass incarceration. Caroline also works in global health and epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health. From her work there, she is co-author of a paper published by The Lancet on global poliovirus vaccine policy, and she is first author of a book chapter published by Springer Nature on female Ebola survivors’ reproductive health and transmission potential. Prior to joining the Fund for Peace, she worked for MADRE, an international women’s rights organization, where she led research on issues facing adolescent girls worldwide.




New York City, New York


B.A. (Global Affairs)

Yale University


Modern Standard Arabic
Mandarin Chinese