Executive Director Position Description

The Fund for Peace is seeking a new Executive Director.

The Executive Director of the Fund for Peace will head FFP’s staff and lead the organization’s operations, including program development and implementation, financial, budget and fundraising activities, and external communication efforts. The position is located in Washington, DC and the Executive Director will report directly to the Board of Trustees. Building on FFP’s over 60 years of work, the Executive Director will guide FFP’s strategic development to enhance its position as a leading NGO in the peacebuilding and conflict prevention arena.

The role requires an individual with strong leadership, fundraising, and written/oral communication skills; a background and experience in peace building and conflict prevention; and recognized professional accomplishments in government or nongovernmental, academic, foundation, or think tank organizations. Ideally, the candidate will have established relationships among other leaders in the field and a demonstrated capacity to collaborate with peers. Among the tasks necessary for success, the new Executive Director will be responsible for the following:

    • Working in a collaborative model with FFP’s staff and the Board to develop and implement FFP’s strategic direction and operational impact.
    • Maintaining and expanding FFP’s commitment to a diverse, inclusive, and motivated work environment.
    • Expanding the scope and reach of FFP’s programs.
    • Representing FFP as principal spokesperson for the organization.
    • Participating actively in efforts to build alliances, partnerships and coalitions in the peacebuilding and conflict prevention field.
    • Insuring accountability through good governance and transparent communications with the Board and due diligence in financial and budgetary management.
    • Enhancing FFP’s funding sources through sustained efforts to increase support from existing public and private sector sources, while pursuing new relationships and identifying creative funding models.

Compensation and benefits are commensurate with other similarly situated NGOs.

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter outlining their interest in and qualifications for the position along with a full resume, a brief writing sample, and three references (including contact information). Materials should be submitted via email to: [email protected] no later than November 7, 2021.