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Building Resilience in a Changing Climate

BY EMILY SAMPLE As the world confronts the effects of climate change, the vulnerability of states at all levels of development has become starkly apparent. Structural pressures are mounting, leading to increased frequency and intensity of cascading crises including stress from mass migration, droughts, extreme weather events, disease outbreaks, commodity price shocks, and associated political […]

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Building Resilience Amid a National Identity Crisis

BY JOHN MADDEN When Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was elected in 2018, he moved to ease political tensions in Ethiopia by releasing political prisoners, privatizing state enterprises, and loosening restrictions on media.[1] He also removed prominent opposition groups from the official list of terrorist organizations to create a more enabling environment for inclusion and social […]

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It Will Take More than Nigeria’s Historic Petroleum Legislation to Achieve Peace in the Niger Delta

BY NKASI WODU A little more than a year ago, the Nigerian President signed the Petroleum Industry Governance Act into Law, to achieve a major reform that had previously stalled in the National Assembly since 1999.[1] As part of this law, the Act established the Host Communities Development Trust (HCDT), which intends to “aid the […]

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Sweden on the State Resilience Index

By Kristin Weis Sweden ranks second out of 154 countries in the most recent State Resilience Index (SRI), tying with Finland and Switzerland (8.3), above Denmark (8.2) and just below Norway (8.4). Sweden and its Nordic neighbors—Finland to the east, Norway to the west, and Denmark to the south—hold the top three overall highest SRI […]

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Ranking 30th on the 2022 #FragileStatesIndex Pakistan has long struggled across fragility indicators. @AparnaPande identifies Pakistan's recent and long-term challenges, including political, economic, and environmental volatility

The fragile state of Pakistan

Fragile Pakistan’s economic, political and security challenges are dire as the fifth-most populous state enters an election year.

Misinformation and hate speech were used extensively by the Nazis to vilify Jews and justify the Holocaust. They are still being used to divide communities and incite violence today. #HolocaustRemembranceDay CC @UNHOP

Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland.

Home, belonging, and the Holocaust

This year, the theme of the UN Holocaust Remembrance Day, marked on Friday, is “home and belonging”, two concepts that were systematically...