The Board of Directors of the Fund for Peace is pleased to announce a new leadership team. Paul Turner has assumed the position of President and Executive Director as of January 10, 2022 and is joined by newly appointed Vice Presidents Patricia Taft Nasri and Nate Haken to lead the organization. Black and white image of Paul Turner

As President and Executive Director, Paul Turner will guide the Fund for Peace (FFP), a world leader in developing practical tools and approaches for reducing conflict. Prior to joining the FFP, Paul was a leading integrator and innovator within the peace and security communities. He advanced the cause of conflict transformation on 6 continents and served in more than 45 countries. He was selected as an Expert Speaker for the U.S. Department of State Series on Violent Extremism and received multiple awards and Fellowships. Paul’s past experiences include work as an academic, a policy-maker, and a practitioner with government and non-government organizations large and small. He worked closely with FFP in the past helping to implement a conflict prevention early warning and response project in West Africa. The Board is enthusiastic about the vision, experience, and camaraderie among the new leadership team. Paul shared, “I am confident with this leadership team that FFP will continue to play an important role in helping prevent and mitigate the violent conflicts we see growing around the world. I look forward to collaborating with current and future partners to advance the cause of peace.”

Black and white image of Patricia Taft NasriAfter 17 years with FFP, the Board appointed Patricia Taft Nasri as FFP’s new Vice President for Programs and Policy. As Acting Executive Director for the past 18 months, Patricia successfully led FFP through the challenges posed by the pandemic. The Board has recognized her leadership and is excited to have her continue as FFP’s Vice President. Based out of FFP Tunisia, Patricia will provide strategic and operational oversight to FFP’s diverse portfolio of programs, identifying emerging opportunities and building partnerships, ensuring the quality and accountability of FFP’s programs and products, and raising the visibility and influence of FFP around the world.

Black and white image of Nate HakenThe Board is also pleased to announce that following 15 years with FFP, Nate Haken will serve as the Vice President for Research and Innovation. In this position he will provide strategic guidance on project and research design across all of FFP’s programs and networks. This will include trainings and facilitation applying FFP’s tools for risk assessment, analysis, and response planning around the world. Throughout his time with the organization, Nate helped deepen the rigor and innovation applied by FFP, including having led the development of the Fragile States Index and other products to measure cascading and compounding risk factors that create a better understand of the complex relationships between risk and resilience. He is a leading expert in conflict early warning with more than 20 years of experience

For Additional Information: Please contact Paul Turner.