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The Fund for Peace is delighted to announce the release of a new guidance handbook on Use of Security Forces: Assessing and Managing Risks and Impacts, published by the International Finance Corporation and co-authored with The Fund for Peace and Monkey Forest Consulting.

This Good Practice Handbook has been developed for IFC clients and other private sector companies and their consultants. The Handbook provides practical, project-level guidance for companies to better understand and implement the requirements outlined in Performance Standard 4. Chapters focus on risk assessment, managing private security, managing the relationship with public security, preparing a security management plan, and assessing allegations or incidents related to security personnel.

Chapters include:

  • Introduction: Security Issues in the Context of the Performance Standards
  • Assessing Security Risks
  • Managing Private Security
  • Managing the Relationship with Public Security
  • Preparing a Security Management Plan
  • Assessing Allegations or Incidents Related to Security Personnel

Annexes and associated templates include:

  • Template Invitation to Bid and Request for Proposals for Security Risk Assessment and Security
  • Management Plan
  • Guidance for Drafting a Security Management Plan
  • Template Contract with a Private Security Provider
  • Sample Incident Report Summary Template
  • Template Memorandum of Understanding
  • Resources for Further Guidance on Use of Security Forces

* The report was authored by J. J. Messner and Hannah Blyth of The Fund for Peace; Felicity Kolp and Debra Sequeira of the International Finance Corporation; Krista Hendry of Monkey Forest Consulting; with contributions by Don McFetridge and Tom Green of Monkey Forest Consulting.

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