The following memo analyzes data for the focus states of Borno, Yobe, Kano, Kaduna, Plateau, Rivers, Bayelsa, and Delta for November 2015.

The NSRP Observatory Platform received fewer reports of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) in November 2015 than the prior month, although the trend in reporting overall continues to rise. The
Platform has been quite successful in filling the gaps that exist in the collection of data specifically surrounding incidents of violence against women and girls and the details provided by the service points have added depth and nuance to the overall conflict picture in the eight NSRP focus states.

The use of women and girls as suicide bombers is a phenomena that is occurring with increased regularity in several states. There were four reported incidents in November that resulted in multiple fatalities. These attacks took place primarily in Borno and Kano states.

Across the eight states, domestic and sexual violence, especially against female children, comprised the indicators routinely reported on.

In December 2015, the launch of an additional service point in Borno state gave new actors access to the platform and created a local data stream from one of the most VAWG-affected states in the country. Although the service point was not set up in time to include in this memo, they will be detailed in next month’s report. Additionally, in the coming months, with the opening of the new service point and as more register on the Observatory Map in general, it is expected that the number of registered Peace Agents will increase from the current 68 organizations and individuals.

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