FFP focuses on developing practical strategies and constructive tools for meeting security challenges stemming from weak and failing states. One of those tools is CAST (Conflict Assessment System Tool), a methodology developed by FFP for assessing the vulnerability of states to collapse. It measures this vulnerability in pre-conflict, active conflict and post-conflict situations. The methodology uses both qualitative and quantitative indicators, relies on public source data, and produces quantifiable results. It has diverse applications for governments, international organizations, private corporations, humanitarian organizations, the military, academic scholars and the media.

Important Note: Though the version of CAST used by The Failed States Index follows the same basic framework as that described in this manual, it is important to understand that the methodology described herein is intended for manual assessments, and may thus differ slightly from automated (content analysis-based) assessments. Scoring guidelines in this manual will not necessarily match the scoring and ranking system reflected in The Failed States Index.

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