#ClioAwards 2018 Bronze Winner - @fundforpeace: The Bottom 100 by @hosthavas https://t.co/PpScThAfsm 🏆

About 56% of the world’s cobalt—a critical element in the development of electric vehicle batteries and green energy storage technologies—is found in regions rated “very fragile” by the @fundforpeace: https://t.co/6BWSQkTr0M

The Fund for Peace Bottom 100 campaign has won Gold in the 2018 GOV Design Awards https://t.co/1T9aKK2H4L

Yesterday FFP Programs Director @pattitaft presented findings from a @USIP supported three-year research project on preventing election violence, using data from the @P4P_NigerDelta and @PINDFoundation Peace Map

We were proud to support the @Nigeria_PSN Confab yesterday on Preventing Electoral Violence in Nigeria with @USIP #NigeriaDecides2019

Excellent piece summarizing the @Nigeria_PSN Confab on preventing electoral violence by renowned Nigerian professor and advocate @JibrinIbrahim17. Thank you, Professor, for your words and continued inspiration! @fundforpeace

Jibrin Ibrahim on Twitter

“Preventing Electoral Violence, By Jibrin Ibrahim @Nigeria_PSN @pattitaft @c_kwaja @USIP #HaltElectoralViolence https://t.co/grOMpad4a6 via @p...


Mrs @pattitaft of @fundforpeace speaking on Research Findings on Preventing Electoral Violence in Nigeria.

“Hot-spots of Electoral Violence tend to change from election cycle to cycle. Gubernatorial or state elections tend to be the most violent”


Follow @Nigeria_PSN and @fundforpeace @pattitaft live on @NTANewsNow at 7:30pm tonight! #HaltElectoralViolence #HateSpeechVsFreeSpeech

Successful quarterly #GhanaVPs meeting at Ghana Ministry of Lands & Natural Resources @WANEP_Ghana @ghanagov #VPSHR

Follow @Nigeria_PSN Today 27th September to understand the current initiatives and concrete steps by the political parties to prevent and mitigate violence towards and beyond the 2019 elections
#HateSpeechVsFreeSpeech #HaltElectoralViolence
@fundforpeace @EUinNigeria

#Conflict & #poverty have held back the #NigerDelta for far too long. @NdpIfdn & @PINDFoundation, along with with @fundforpeace & @P4P_NigerDelta are working to change that https://t.co/6Ms5A4HUGh


Have you heard about the International Day of Peace Twitter Event? Join the conversation with enthusiasm!

Peace building is a team effort. Thank you to all of our colleagues and partners around the world working to further the mission of sustainable peace and security. #PeaceDay #PeaceDay2018

Map of state legitimacy in Europe using data from @fundforpeace.
2 EU members among top 10 illegitimate states.

#corruption #politics #democracy #economy
#rstats #dataviz #mapping

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