• Fragile States Index 2018:
    Fragility Impacts World's Richest and Most Developed Countries

  • Qatar Most-Worsened in 2018:
    Regional Rivalries Lead to Economic and Political Isolation

  • Spain Most-Worsened in 2018:
    Catalan Separatism Fuels Spanish Division and Instability

  • United States Among Most-Worsened in 2018:
    Internal Divisions Fuel Worsening

  • Mexico Most-Worsened in 2017:
    "So Far From God,
    So Close to the United States"

  • Turkey Most-Worsened in 2017:
    From Attempted Coup to
    Attempted Autocracy

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  • New Country Dashboards

    We have streamlined our Country Analysis pages to bring you all the visualizations of a country's long-term indicator trends. We've also grouped the indicators together, so you can track a country's Cohesion, Economic, Political, and Social trends. Use our Comparative Analysis tool to compare countries' trends.
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  • Introducing myFSI

    In presenting the Fragile States Index data, we rank the Index’s 12 indicators equally. However, we believe that weighting the indicators ourselves would be a subjective judgment on our part. So, we would prefer to leave that judgment to you. With FFP's new myFSI app, you are now in control of weighting each indicator as you wish.
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  • The CAST Indicators

    Group Grievance. Factionalized Elites. Demographic Pressures. Learn more about the twelve CAST Framework Indicators that form the basis of the Fragile States Index. We have expanded our Methodology and Indicators sections to provide more information about the underpinnings of our annual assessment.
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